RS Padel

After the interest for padel skyrocketed in Sweden, Robin Söderling and his team decided to enter the padel market and to develop premium padel products such as balls, rackets, bags and accessories.

About us

With the help of Sweden’s top padel players, RS initiated a project to secure the legacy of RS Tennis: “Premium products developed by players for players” and strategically formed partnerships with the likes of Simon Vasquez and Cayetano Rocafort.

RS Tennis products are known for their quality, clean and Scandinavian design, and RS Padel products are no different as RS develops premium products with our padel players in mind.

Ontdek de passie, kracht en finesse van padel

Meld je nu aan voor training bij RS Padel Academy! Ontvang kwalitatieve training, verbeter je vaardigheden en wordt een padeltopper! 






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